No Man’s Threat: Death Threats against Video Game Developers

As a gamer, there’s nothing that annoys me more than a game delay. Seeing a game’s release date pushed back to me is like a failed date; just as you think you’re close enough they suddenly pull away. Despite me not liking them, sometimes a delay is needed to make a game better. This is where I see the developers care about quality and wish the make the game the best they can, which I find understandable. However, some people don’t see game delays how I do. Some thrash out at the developers, downing them and claiming them to be teasing them. Some even decide to use it as an opportunity to send death threats to developers.

Death threats against game developers, I believe, is a serious online and social networking issue in the gaming community. Whenever people outside the gaming community see this they get that impression that gamers are violent people, further making them think video games directly cause this. As a gamer, I hate to be compared to those people as that’s not who we are. They also make us look like a bunch of whiny spoiled children who crack it when we don’t get what we want. Having this doesn’t help our argument that a fair number of gamers are grown adults. Most of all, sending death threats through social media, in particular, is a sign of weakness. Does it really make them feel so awesome by threatening someone with death from behind a computer screen? Developers are people too and games are art; sometimes a delay or a tweak is needed to make it better.

For more on death threats against game developers check out these links below.

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