New Beginnings…

Hi all,

May I introduce myself, I am Cameron Lowe, or known under my online pen name, The Shadow King of Dawn. I’m a writer, a dreamer and an avid fan of Horror and Sci-Fi.

Why have I started this blog? Well, I wanted a central place where I can just talk nerd stuff all the time, share my thoughts on things and set up links to my previously published stories. What nerd stuff will I talk about? Well, just about anything that I find interesting or obsess about. Most of it will probably be me just talking about books, films, TV shows, games and music. Some of it may have me talking about outer space since I’m really interested in that stuff as well.

My goal is to post between one to three times a week on this site, possibly even more when I’m not writing my stories.

That’s all for now, I hope this gives a somewhat open idea on what this site is for.

Until next time,

The Shadow King of Dawn



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